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turn to the benefit the blessing

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National topic likeness of accepting includes a kind of animal body cell gram Long method, and a kind of method that purely turns to reorganize the innocent egg white of person α -milk from turn the gene milk...etc. among them.This is being 5 and had 3 alienations to give other companies.Among them, a kind of animal body cell gram Long way, the alienation gives to be located in protecting of Zhuo state in Hebei settle Wen Shi grow a pig to teach a kind of incorporated company.The data shows that Lee rather works the general manager of the company.Is above-mentioned from the benefit the Pu Lin turn to the benefit the blessing Lin of the patent, there are another two patent concerning milk cowses, successively turn in 2011 to a company, namelythe nike zoom kobe 8 salesection Jie promise biotechnology in Wuxi limited liability company.With top a few companies are similar, section Jie the promise is rather similar to have Lee of shadow.The company data shows that Lee rather is Legal Representative and president.Research item=cash dispenser?There is medium statistics, expose in the recent years of in the research corrupt case, is managed by research budget in the high school to use to disorder to of corrupt the problem have a little bit greatly.Chinese section helps a survey to show:The research funds are used for item to only have to invite 40%, this means that a great deal of research budget runs off in the item outside.The some high school governor means while accepting economic Chinese weekly magazine interview that the research funds flow

The reason of losing mainly includes 2.First, the nation isn't good enough to the devotion of research item manpower cost currently.For example, according to national natural science fund item subsidize budget management way, the rent service fee is the tallest to exceed to subsidize 15% of the budget, but the expenses' can be used for a temporary employment personnel.(such as participation topic of the Doctor living etc.)The governor thinks that the teachers are the main representative directors of topic, income with pay not to become a direct proportion, unavoidably mental unbalance.Secondly, according to concerning the topic system management of the national research plan implementation of rules, have already completed the surplus budget of nike lebron 11 salechecking and accepting the topic, through return a people section approval after, can stay to rely on unit to used for subsidizing research development expenditure.In other words, the representative director of the topic still needs to hand over surplus expenses up.The universal way of doing in the industry is to stay a representative director to control to the topic, a subsidy expenditure currently.But because of the budget already no longer belong to is grinding item budget, manage opposite relaxed, finally usually don't know where went.Economic Chinese weekly magazine survey knows that be greedy for a Fu research item method it may be saidthe pattern is 100.The most familiar way is to draw up deceitful budget and pass a consociation connection companies to give an itemized list of deceitful invoice and draw up falsely

Leave contract, draw up falsely means sets like false account eyes,etc to take particularly item research budget.At this time expose of 7 professor's budget set now of in the affairs, Chen Ying Xu who have already been sentenced namely makes use of the means nearly and must dollar particularly item research budget blunt the Zhang set is now.In addition, parts of research personnels drill the empty son of budget management and carry on horizontal budget(topic set the research item that accept to come from business enterprise, and school...etc. parallel unit) and lengthwayschange with each other of the budget(topic set application of national, the research item of department Wei class).Parts of research personnels will can money of the serious flower all gather together to arrive lengthways of in the Zhang eyes, lengthways some really unable to leave Zhangs in the budget, then depend on horizontal budget to offset, the inexhaustibility fills into own purse.The rent service fee is also an outlet that the nike shox turbo 13 womensresearch budget runs off, have the research the personnel to draw up rent service list to claim falsely rent service fee, more someone does Zhang according to the item that can submit an expense account and records the expensesidle away in seeking pleasure on the research item.The research manages a system:Government and double out of order Ge in market why plentiful central Ji Wei inspect a website to disclose recently, academician in the Chinese engineering, hospital, on suspicion of lane's falsely forging a set to take a national science and technology graveness particularly item funds has already been by law criticized to catch.This then looks like shocking

but school or units will

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Didn't get around in the waterfowl development item of class, caused to judge as a result appear severity unjust positive.Reported a person to say, Lee rather and only carried on getting around of formality while voting.According to a personage know what happened know to the description of economic Chinese weekly magazine, the affair of this applicant part-time judge isn't rare in the domestic.Entitle to the category of getting hold of the national great research item for so severals inside the academic circles, get soldier's thing also very limited, all to a great extent that is in this scope by turn.Even have scholar revealing to economic Chinese weekly magazine, much time even if the party concerned doesn't want to undertake some topics,  but school or units will ask you to apply for and relate to honor because of this.What the research item that presents the well spray type brings is the vibram fivefingers jaya ukresearch budget that becomes 100 up and must.According to before Chinese youth report do of survey, rather get numerous research items of title at Lee in, onlythe member mechanism of pig, chicken important economic sex-like in shape heredity topic particularly the item budget is 15,810,000 dollars, the period is 3 years.This item constitutes tofrom 7 research topics and includes Chinese agriculture university and units, such as agriculture university and Jiangxi agriculture university...etc. in China.BE rather managed by Lee among them ofform view the heredity and miRNA influence sex

The form forms of mechanismof the single-item topic budget is 3,840,000 dollars.Big industry in the house is big, Lee rather in the agriculture university it may be saidthe wealth atmosphere is thick, the everyone calls that it is owner Lee.Owner Lee of academic understand according to economic Chinese weekly magazine with business, Lee is rather this time under arrest mainly because of being suspected of transfering parts of research budgets with the outside pack of name to it under of company account.But report according to the before a little bit local medium, the of owner Lee is worthy of the name, its there are several living creature techniques under company, respectively in the grounds, such as Peking and Wuxi...etc..Report according to the medium, Lee rather in commercial circles it may be said body and few jobs.Help Pu Lin such as 3 dollars in Peking living nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 release datecreature technique limited company Legal Representative and president;Peking helps Pu Lin living creature technique limited company shareholder and pair president;Peking helps blessing Lin living creature technique limited company(next call benefit blessing Lin) shareholder and manager;Section Jie promise biotechnology in Wuxi limited liability the Legal Representative of the company.Among them, Peking helps Pu Lin living creature technique the limited company(next call benefit Pu Lin) rather participate in at Lee of in numerous research items, have been playing the role of cooperation company.The public data suggests, from 2006-2011 years, medium

Country agriculture greatly and benefit the Pu Lin cooperate of the item have at least 21, among them nation turn the gene living creature new product kind to cultivate a graveness particularly the item is the most, have 5, the is been in July, 2008 by State Department of often work meeting up review pass of research item, total devotion over 20,000,000,000, across a degree for 12 years.Lee is particularly rather the graveness the vice-president engineer of item.According to understand, a company as a cooperation unit participation national research item, have been the operation rule that is allowed in the industry, but making selection of the type of company lacks related norm standard.Know according to the survey, Lee rather or Be suspected of nike air foamposite one onlineresearch budget the piece stay or transfer to help the Pu Lin bottom in.But this circumstance isn't rare in the industry.An university professor tells economic Chinese weekly magazine, everyone will think that the square tries torun out of the research budget that criticizes down, because of according to the rules, the budgets of surplus all want to hand over a time, who don't think as well money for coming to hand again send back.But Lee another rather underneath biotechnology company benefit blessing Lin, then served as the role of studying the achievement alienation.Report according to the medium, since November, 2010, at Lee rather with help Pu Lin the name apply for of in 12 patents, 5 alienated to help blessing Lin under at least, all with Lee is rather

obviously felt that protecting

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Empress, judiciary and the tallest check also start intensively heavy the boxing attack the illegally disobeying of the realm's Ji's problem and launch throw into prison an activity.The judiciary put forward pour to check for three years and pursue a case to recheck of raise Cuo.But the notification of the high check said, March, this year to 5 the end of the months, have already temporary suggest to outside carry out to the Jian 247 criminals of condition disappearance throw into prison a performance, among them vice- hall class above job crime the criminal is 18 people.There are medium that report to call, medium Ji Wei led to once directly interfere with to throw into prison a performance circumstance.Now is seen, this instruction opinion has result.Farmland text Chang says to economic Chinese weekly magazine, many people have already obviously felt that protecting is outside more difficult.Arrive a crime fromthe youngest academician the suspect specially report an agriculture greatly and vibram fivefingers jaya saleteach Lee ratherthe research wades Fu investigate economic Chinese weekly magazine reporter, Zhang Yan , |Peking report the morning of October 10, win Wei official site in Ji release science and technology department party set concerning tour the whole notification that change a circumstance, confirm to have already been by law criticized to catch.According to the notification, audit an office in April, 2012 the audit discover that 57 professor's lanes to universities falsely forge a set to take a national science and technology graveness particularly an item funds the problem of more than 10000 dollarses 2500, involve to wait person to undertake among them of is led long by Department of Agriculture an organization carries out ofturn a gene living creature new species

Cultivategraveness particularly item relevant topic.According to economic Chinese weekly magazine understand, as early as June, this year, Lee rather already drive Jilin province check the Cha hospital take, it is suspected of transfering a research budget to the account of oneself's company, concrete amount of money not known.Previously, one of his company be responsible for the student of luck camp already drive judicial organ control.The youngest engineering academician and top in the hospital ten million research budget 52-year-old Lee rather once was the most haughtiness of the very influential and inside the industry of won one of the youth scientists.Rather the Lee youth becomes famous, 16 years old test into Jiangxi of agriculture university, 29 years old acquire a Chinese agriculture the Doctor of the university, 45 years old win an election academician in the Chinese engineering, hospital.In addition to is the youngest academician in the Chinese engineering, hospital outside, Lee is rather also Chinese gram of Long technique to get soldier's thing and once acquire nation's most top-class science and nike shox turbo 13 menstechnology awards, is taking the lead of many big medium-sized research itemses person.The animal heredity is the core that Lee's rather many in the last yearses concentrate on studies.Understand according to economic Chinese weekly magazine, 2000, Lee rather leads team gram Long 3 turn someone the α anti- Yi egg white Mao gene of turn a gene goat, afterwith one action become famous world to know.Immediately after, Lee rather acquired more higher academic achievement in the realm, don't lack local animal heredity among them

The original of the realm works:For the very first time gram Long chicken catena short small gene, discover the gene of the chicken anti- leukemia virus for 2003, he is also with lend the pig Gao Chan Zi's few FSHs β gene detection and its application study to acquire national science and technology invention accessit.(one etc. prize empty lack)The big academic achievement invites for Lee rather bringing several research items of.Publicly data suggest, Lee rather once served as 863 item modern agriculture realm and bioreactor graveness particularly item expert team senior clerk, turned gene living creature to cultivate nike lebron 11 ukimportant engineering vice-president engineer and national important research planned parenthood with grow particularly an item expert's team vice- senior clerk and national natural science fund innovation the community Be academic to take the lead person's more than 20 in the last yearseses, Lee rather and only from the national natural science fund, 973(nation point foundation research development plan), 863(high technique research development plan) the etc.s three greatest researches plans acquired of item at least 22, all of the item of other participation were more hard to count.Meanwhile, Lee rather still the judge of these item topics.Is an athlete and is the dual identity of umpire, as early as 2008 arouse other experts disaffection.In 2008, someone reports online, Lee rather in a nation

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